Over 500 interventions in June

In June, the department of water supply and sewage PE “Kikinda” had 565 interventions, out of which 534 related to water pipeline activities, while sewage services went out on the field for 31 time.
In the planned replacement of water meters 341 new meter was installed, and in regular work activities 67.
Due to breakdowns in the water-manhole, the citizens contacted the Call Center 59 times, for interference at connection 29, on the main street line 7, and 6 new connections were made.
The sewage network was dried 12 times in June, while the cleaning of septic tanks in the economy and households requested 7 interventions, and for the deposition of the atmospheric sewerage network 5. During the same period, 12 users were omitted from the water supply network due to debts, while two households were reconnected.
The crafts department changed 5 covers on the manholes.
PE “Kikinda” also carried out regular rinsing of atmospheric and fecal sewerage network.