About Us

Public enterprise ”Kikinda” is an enterprise with a new and modern business policy, with clearly defined goals, an enterprise which strives to improve all services provided to users.

The founder of PE”Kikinda” is The Municipality of Kikinda situated at Trg srpskih dobrovoljaca 12, identification number 08176396. At the session of the Municipal Assembly of Kikinda, which was held on 22.10.2014 the Founding Act of the Public Utility Infrastructure and Services Company “Kikinda” was adopted.

The basis for the adoption of the Founding Act of the Public Utility Infrastructure and Services “Kikinda” is the obligation of the Municipality to provide and regulate the performance of utility activities on its territory as well as to provide organizational services for performing communal activities, material and other conditions all based on the authority referred to in Article 20 of the Law on Local Self-Government (RS Official Gazette, No.129/07), Article 4, 5 and 65. Paragraph 1 of the Law on Public Enterprises (RS Official Gazette, No. 119/12), Articles 2 and 3 of the Law on Communal Activities (RS Official Gazette, No. 88/11) as well as Article 15 of the Statute of the Municipality of Kikinda (KI Official Gazette, No. 4/06)

The goal of establishing PE “Kikinda” is, first of all, the unification of communal activities and to achieve more efficient performance, rationalization of the utility activities cost as a service of general interest, while increasing the quality of services provided to the benefit of the citizens – residents of the municipality as final beneficiaries.


Mission of PE “Kikinda” is to, by combining municipal services; perform more efficient provision of services to citizens, as well as meeting their needs for orderly, quality life and better life. Our mission begins and ends with the satisfaction of our users. In order to fulfil our mission, PE “Kikinda” is constantly working on improving the quality and satisfaction of the users and our services that are provided with environmental care improvement. The development strategy of PE “Kikinda” is based on the achievement of the defined goals and is moving within the framework of the development of communal infrastructure of the municipality of Kikinda, as well as the business infrastructure of the company itself. Accordingly, another mission of our enterprise is to encourage the professional development of all employees and set standards in the public sector in general.

Vision of The Public Utility Infrastructure and Services “Kikinda” is to raise the standards of providing utility services and align with European business trends in this sector, with the innovation that the service is provided from one point, i.e., to provide citizens of the Municipality of Kikinda with a centralized point of contact on all issues related to the utility services provided by the company. Moving forward we see PE “Kikinda” as a socially responsible and market oriented and profitable company and we wish is to be recognized as a reliable partner to domestic and international companies.

The legal frameworks and by-laws regulating the business operations of companies and ensuring the realization of the mission, vision and goals of the company are the following:


Name and headquarters:

Public Enterprise for Utility Infrastructure and Services “Kikinda”

Address: Iđoški put 4; 23300 Kikinda

Short name:

PE “Kikinda”

TAX ID: 108812135

Identification number: 21071986

Legal form: Public Enterprise

Activity Code: 3600

ABR Number: БД 110120/2014 dated 5.1.2015.