About our activities

Main activity of PE “Kikinda” is water purification and distribution, collection and distribution of clean water to consumers through water supply network to consumers’ water measuring equipment. Next to the main activity PE “Kikinda” will be handling activities referred to in Article 3 of the Founding Act

According to Article 3 of the Founding Act PE “Kikinda” activities are:

  • drinking water supply for consumers; collection, treatment and disposal of waste and atmospheric waters including programming, planning, organizing building and maintenance of water supply system and waste, atmospheric and ground water network;
  • public surface maintenance, washing of asphalt, concrete, paved and other public surfaces, collection and disposal of waste from public surfaces, maintenance and discharge of waste containers on public surfaces and maintenance of public monuments, drinking fountains, wells, fountains, baths, beaches and restrooms;
  • market management, communal equipping, maintenance and organization of activities in closed and open spaces intended for trade in agri-food and other products;
  • management of public car parks and conditions for the use of public traffic areas and separate areas designated for parking of motor vehicles as well as removal and transfer of the parked vehicles and installing devices designed to prevent transportation of the vehicles from the competent authorities;
  • management and maintenance of cemeteries and facilities within the cemetery(morgue, chapel and crematorium), burial or cremation, maintenance of passive cemeteries and memorials;
  • arrangement, protection and use of construction land in the public property of the municipality;
  • construction, maintenance and management of municipal roads, streets and unclassified roads and other public areas owned by the municipality, including winter maintenance;
  • looking after, programming, planning and organization of park arrangement and maintenance, other green and recreational surfaces, grave fields, forests and forest land and other public use areas of the public property of the municipality ie the enterprise founded by the municipality, as well as ongoing and investment maintenance of public green areas;
  • planning, development, implementation and maintenance of the information system for the needs of the municipality and its authorities and enterprises, as well as municipal ICT networks;
  • maintenance as well as the improvement and development of the public lighting system;
  • professional engineering and technical services for the needs of the municipality as an investor (planning, management, management and supervision of construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance);
  • consulting activities in the field of information technology, installing mainframes and similar computers, installing personal computers, software installation and recovery after a breakdown or a downtime of the computer system;
  • agency mediation in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate for compensation;
  • agency affairs for collection of receivables and the transfer of collected receivables, such as billing and debt collection services.