Mission of PE “Kikinda” is to provide a dignified final farewell of the deceased, to comfort and help the ones in grieve and to preserve and nourish the memory of ancestors. We show commitment, respect, understanding and care for each client, each family and their needs.

The only duty of PE “Kikinda” is to take care of the burying and other funeral services and maintenance of the cemetery in accordance with the Law on communal activity.

Our vision is to stand for reputable and respected firm which with our style, ethics, respect and loyalty unites values such as humanity and love towards mankind with a more contemporary approach.

Our vision is to become a synonym for this type of activity in an environment that will set higher standards in the future both in the area of providing service and investment, economic justifications that not only introduce new rules, but also anticipate and create them.

At the Central Cemetery, members of all confessions are buried and for a municipality of about 60,000 inhabitants, the system of digitization of the cemeteries will certainly raise the level of funeral services. In addition, one of the plans of PE “Kikinda” is to introduce new content such as the building of columbarium, rosarium, garden of memories to store cremated remains as well as building tombs for social cases.

After the handover of this branch PE “Kikinda” has found that the business does not have a mapping system or the system of digitally mapping graves and the customer relations were not transparent. One of our first successfully completed actions was to build a site map displaying all the services and customers (names, funeral dates, pricelists etc.)

Public insight into burial plots and Kikinda’s religious sites is available at GIS (Geographic information system) designed to manage spatial data.

Taking care of clients we offer the services of grave decorations, grave maintenance and plan to introduce selling funeral flowers including wreaths and other funeral supplies and equipment.