Engineering Service has been formed with the idea and goal to follow the whole process from initial negotiations to construction finalization. All the employees have extensive experience and are motivated to practice their profession as done in more developed European countries. 


  1. Engineering, construction and object maintenance of both low and high- rise building construction
  2. Completing Urban planning documentation
  3. Engineering, construction as well as maintenance of traffic signalization and equipment of both intercity and city roads and intersections


Engineering Service has demonstrated competence in problem solving within the following areas:

  • Engineering and consulting services for investors
  • Consulting services in obtaining required licences
  • Completing all types of technical documentation and groups of projects for the needs of all types of consulting engineering
  • Preparation, realisation, monitoring and project management
  • Certified monitoring hiring
  • Supervising disbursements of loan funds and investor’s building monitoring
  • Providing Building inspection
  • Building designs for various purposes without specific licensing requirements
  • Interior design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Developing landscape architecture projects of open spaces
  • Execution of smaller size works
  • Construction site organization
  • Building supervision
  • Monitoring the budget and other finances during construction
  • Equipping objects as planned by projects
  • IT services for jobs related to strategy development and growth of traffic, civil engineering and infrastructure
  • Consulting on acquiring and completing spatial and urban plans
  • Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and management of the Municipality’s Greenery
  • Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and construction of building and public lots
  • Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and building of water and wastewater network

·         Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and building of traffic network

  • Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and building of other infrastructure networks
  • Consulting, planning, maintenance, equipping and building of public buildings and social infrastructure buildings
  • Tender organizing
  • Management of public roads and areas in municipality of Kikinda

Our employees are highly experienced with construction sites but we are primarily striving to follow contemporary equipment and execution of work. We also perform supervision from beginning until the end which is not our only task but it is one of the most important ones considering Engineering by European countries model is our goal in any task.

Urban project of the business complex in Kikinda