PE “Kikinda” has taken over the management, renovation and maintenance of the marketplace in Kikinda.

New management will provide better counter arrangement, goods delivery, more rational use of space and better hygiene.

Our aim is to introduce changes in terms of appearance and ambience but also to provide better conditions and easier access.

It is only one of the means to attract customers back to marketplaces and to traditional trading with a slightly more contemporary tone at the same time which is not easy given that we are facing harsh competition of the supermarket chains.

One of the ideas new management is hoping to implement is the system of digitally mapping space which will provide a very transparent insight into the area and information about counter vacancies, reservations and prices. Precisely defined procedures, controls and payments will be accessible.

According to our plans all 3 marketplaces under PE “Kikinda” should be reconstructed in order to achieve a different and more functional ambience. The largest one is situated at the centre of the city and it is equipped with 250 counters. The largest market place attracts farmers of the whole region but from our neighbouring Romania as well. Two smaller ones are situated closer to the edges of the city and are equipped with 24 and 12 counters.

The aforementioned reconstruction will firstly concentrate on construction and crafts works to adjust surrounding buildings and space to its purpose. Our goal is to place the roof over marketplace in phases and to replace the counters.

Our residents will be given a neatly and orderly reconstructed marketplace which should contribute to a better quality of goods.