Parking Services

PE ” Kikinda” has taken over parking services from Metroparking sever and officially started managing it on the 1st of September 2016. PE” Kikinda” will be handling reconstruction and maintenance of public parking lots in Kikinda.

This additional activity of our utility company has upgraded the services of the former parking services enterprise. PE” Kikinda” has lowered the cost of additional ticket fines and abolished car towing which added financial burden for drivers.

In order to meet the needs of our citizens, price of the additional ticket has been momentarily significantly reduced to 300 dinars instead of the previously charged 1200 dinars. This is only one out of many benefits introduced by the new parking service of PE” Kikinda”.

Prices of all tickets, zones, conditions and payment options as well as working hours will remain the same. This also includes the prices of privileged daily, monthly and annual tickets.

PE” Kikinda” will accept all prepaid tickets from “Metroparking sever” data base as due to the take over their payment records are available to us.

For complaints please visit Branka Radicevica 8, in the Market administration building. At the same address is our pay desk (open from 7am until 8pm Monday – Friday and from 7am until 1pm on Saturdays) where all PE” Kikinda” services can be paid, for all inquiries please contact us on 22-155.

Parking service working hours are from 7am until 9pm from Monday to Friday and 7am until 3pm on Saturdays.

Parking ticket price in the red zone, zone I, for an hour is 34.50 dinars while the cost of the yellow zone, zone II, is 23 dinars. Tickets can be purchased by texting 9231 or 9232 and are available on newsstands.

Price of the day ticket is 115 dinars, texting number is 9233. For more details please see document The decision to grant exclusive rights for the management of public car parks.