Residential affairs

PE “Kikinda” will by assuming greater scope of activities of the Municipal Housing Agency also lead agency in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate for compensation.

  • One of the duties of PE “Kikinda” is the construction and management of the municipal housing fund, the construction, sale and rent of apartments in non-market conditions that is, prices below the market, in order to provide benefits for people who are not able to afford a property under market conditions.
  • Collecting necessary data in order to develop and establish municipal housing policy (recording and analysis of the existing housing stock, housing needs, etc.).
  • Development of programs for construction organization and coordination, sale, purchase of residential and office space for the needs of the Municipality of Kikinda.
  • Coordination of all participants in the selection of social housing beneficiaries and establishing contacts with end users.
  • Adoption of acts for the implementation of laws and general acts of the municipality in the sphere of housing policy.
  • Keeping records of the users of both residential and business premises of the enterprise.
  • Realization of other aims set by the law and the Founding Decision.
  • There are 127 premises with a total area of 7.150m in the beneficiary office of the Municipality of Kikinda. Municipality of Kikinda is divided into four zones.
  • One of the goals of PE “Kikinda” is the expansion of the business field, adapting to the independent activities of small and medium enterprises, which would increase the number of jobs and influence the better standard of citizens.