Winter service

The operational plan of the Winter Service is based on the assumption that the winter of the current year will have average climatic characteristics of the climate zone of the Municipality of Kikinda, i.e. that the middle winter temperature will have average values. According to our plan we need to take care of the organization of people, mechanization, industrial salt purchase, gravel, crushed stone and sand as well as scope, dynamics and management of technical and human capacities as required by laws.

The Law on Public Roads (RS Official Gazette, No. 101/2005, 123/2007, 101/2011 and 93/2012) the legal position of public roads is determined, the source and way of financing, protection and maintenance of public roads.

  1. Municipality of Kikinda, with its Decision (KI Official Gazette No. 14, dated 29.5.2015.), trusts PE”Kikinda” managing public and uncategorized roads which, in accordance with the law, organizes maintenance, protection, use and development of roads.
  2. With this plan of roads maintenance of the first and second order, works and activities are included during winter period and necessary to ensure regular traffic and safety.
  3. This plan also determines the manner of collecting, processing and providing information to the public on the condition on the roads.

Maintenance of roads during winter period is defined by laws and regulations:


  • Law on Public Roads (RS Official Gazette, No. 101/2005, 123/2007, 101/2011 and 93/2012) Law on Road Traffic Safety (RS Official Gazette, No. 41/2009, 53/2010 and 101/2011)
  • Law on Environmental Protection (RS Official Gazette, No. 135/2004, 36/2009, 36/2009-another law, 72/2009-another law and 43/2011-CC decision)
  • Rules on main and regional road maintenance (RS Official Gazette, No. 2/1993)
  • Ordinance on the division of motor vehicles trailers and technical conditions for vehicles in the road traffic. (RS Official Gazette, No. 41/09 and 53/10)

Decision on the categorization of streets, municipal and non-road roads in the Municipality of Kikinda (KI Official Gazette No. 14, dated 15.6.2011. and KI Official Gazette No. 14, dated 29.5.2015.)



The official start of the winter service is 15.11.2016 and ends on 31.3.2017. Snowfall occurs before 15.11. even in the lower regions so enterprises based on the experience are prepared to intervene whenever a need arises.

Society and economy depend on the conditions of use of roads in all weather conditions which is why all the activities related to the Winter Service need to be planned in a timely manner. The Law on Traffic Safety and the Law on Public Roads have regulated that traffic on roads runs smooth and safe during all seasons.

Winter road maintenance is increasingly gaining in importance, especially when considering the needs of the economy and the demands of drivers for serviceable routes and in the most unfavourable weather conditions.

The Ordinance on maintenance of state and municipal roads covers works and activities during the winter period necessary for ensuring serviceable roads and traffic safety.

These activities are carried out by the enterprise with which the Municipality of Kikinda has concluded a contract.

For the successful implementation of all activities, ensuring the safe and secure traffic, it is mandatory to prepare the Winter Service Plan in a timely manner.

The operational plan for maintaining a network of municipal roads in the winter period precisely describes the duties of all participants in the Winter Service.

Operational road maintenance plan in the winter period, compiled by PE”Kikinda” as a manager, is the framework for forming a detailed plan of the company with a precise distribution of materials, equipment, machinery and personnel in the road and company headquarters.

The obligation of the enterprise with which the Municipality of Kikinda has signed a contract is to enable the required number of machines by 15.11.2016. light traffic signalization for vehicles and construction machinery.

Maintaining roads in the winter, preventing snow and snow removal is a costly and responsible assignment which involves engaging large resources, material, manpower, specialized equipment, construction machinery and accommodation capacities.

Rational behaviour of road managers, contractors and state authorities is necessary as the expenses can be great even when there is no intensive snow or ice since it is necessary to provide occasional on-duty staff and mechanization.

In order to secure serviceable roads and safe traffic it is necessary to provide timely procurement, distribution and storage of basic materials. The industrial salt is procured in accordance with actual needs based on previous experience. Due to the rationalization of consumption, it is mixed with the appropriate fraction of stone crushed material and its percentage is determined on the basis of the priority section of the road in given winter conditions. Due to adverse environmental impact, it is necessary to reduce salt consumption but at the same time keeping responsibility for traffic safety.