Zoo hygiene

PE ” Kikinda” is managing the activity of the local self-government unit covering the veterinary field and zoo hygiene by providing shelter and quarantine for animals.

Zoo hygiene Kikinda has been established with the goal to prevent presence of stray dogs and cats across municipality and one of the tasks to respond the resident’s reports. Our duty is also to remove animal waste and corpses from agricultural grounds.

Zoo hygiene Kikinda is handling: capturing, care, veterinary care and shelter for abandoned and lost animals, quarantine chores, control and reduction of stray dogs and cats population and harmless animal corpse removal from public properties and other activities related to veterinary care and animal welfare.

PE” Kikinda” has been trusted with management of animal shelter at Topolski put 10.

Zoo hygiene Kikinda aims are:

  • Control and reduction of stray dogs and cats population across Municipality of Kikinda
  • Animal shelter chores and animal care according to law requirements
  • Activities within the area of zoo hygiene, animal health care based on advanced technology in fields of diagnostics and medical treatment
  • Implementation of the Animal Welfare Act (the principle of pain universality, the principle of animal welfare, the principle of integrity, the principle of prevention and precaution, the principle of responsibility)
  • Prevention and suppression of spreading zoonotic diseases from animals to people and vice versa
  • Education and keeping owners and animal keepers informed
  • Taking care of environmental protection and other activities related to veterinary and zoo-hygienic control of animals.

Zoo hygiene Kikinda owns the most contemporary animal waste cold storage in Serbia where corpses and remains are preserved and accordingly delivered to rendering plant in Sombor which further treats, processes or destroys this type of waste. It is possible to store all three categories of by-products of animal origin – corpses, by-products of the slaughter and dairy industry as well as foods that have no declaration or they are out of use.

Holding the first and the most contemporary animal waste cold storage in Serbia is very important to PE” Kikinda” as it resolves one of the biggest ecological issues in Serbia.

Cold storage is situated along the road to Banatska Topola and is in the range with most contemporary European standards. Its value is 237 thousand € and it was built with the donation of the European Union (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) and the Municipality of Kikinda which contributed with 130 thousand €.

Building a modern facility of 8.7 tons daily capacity was completed by Hungarian city Makó and Municipality of Kikinda

The price of animal waste disposal and cold storage placement is 28 dinars per kg.