The automatic chlorination of well water in 6 village local communities was introduced

After Mokrin, Banatska Topola and Rusko Selo, PE “Kikinda” completed the introduction of automatic disinfection of well water in three more villages: Idjos, Sajan and Basaid. Although it was originally determined that by the end of the year such a method of water chlorination will be introduced into 5 local communities, we managed to implement it in 6 villages, thus completing this year’s plan and overachieved. In the company’s plan, in 2017, wells operate in all local communities.
Compared to the earlier period when zavel’s water was added directly to the well, which led to the ruining of construction of wells, chlorine dioxide is released exclusively into the pipeline. Some of the advantages of this method of water disinfection are that chlorine dioxide is automatically dosed and does not produce any by-products, and microbiological malfunctioning of water can be successfully suppressed.
Following the introduction of automatic dosing of disinfectants in all rural wells, PE “Kikinda” plans to install “SCADA” system which will connect all information about their operation and management to the computer. In this way all parameters will be monitored, as well as the operation of all devices installed in the wells.