Call Centre

All you need to solve your problems now is one phone call, text message or Internet access. The Public Utility Infrastructure and Services Company “Kikinda” has established a Call Centre with the aim of being at the service of our fellow citizens and as such is available to you 24 hours a day.
•    At the price of a local call you can report a problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
•    On-Call Service of PE “Kikinda” responds to your requests in the shortest possible timeframe
•    Within 48 hours your request will be responded to and you will be updated with the current status of solving your problem
PE “Kikinda” has established Call Centre for the purpose of more efficiency and better communication with citizens and set up work groups to solve communal problems and take care of all the remarks or praises of the Center’s work.
For utility problems, citizens can contact us as follows:
•    In person at Iđoški put 4
•    By phone on 0230/422-760
•    By calling or text messaging: 0230 / 422-760; 062/8844891; 062/8844888 – working days from 7am to 3pm; 062/8844888; 062/8844891 – working days from 3pm to 7am, weekends and holidays
•    By emailing

Problem solving work groups:
1. Call Centre – Head of Call Centre and three operators
2. Head of the Water Supply and Waste Water Service
a. Chief of the Water Department
b. Chief of the emergency department
c. Head of Plant Maintenance and Sewerage Network
3. Head of the Public Property Maintenance Service
4. Head of the Public Property Management Service
5. Marketplace Manager
6. Cemetery Manager

Nature of possible issues:
–    Water supply
–    Sewage
–    Funeral Services
–    Marketplace Services
–    Public Property Maintenance