Collective agreement for communal activities signed

The director of the Public Utility Infrastructure and Services “Kikinda”, Danilo Furundžić, signed an individual collective agreement with the Mayor of Kikinda and the president of the trade union of PE “Kikinda”. The signing was also attended by representatives of the republic and provincial board of trade unions employed in housing and communal services.

This collective agreement is the beginning of the cooperation of the new public company with the trade union, this is one of the first steps out of many that we plan within the company, said the director of PE “Kikinda”, Danilo Furundžić, adding that there is already a code of conduct for the employees, as well as the accomplishment of their union rights.
“The collective agreement will protect workers and provide security in their line of business,” Furundžić said.

Furundžić signed the contract with the Mayor of Kikinda, Pavle Markov and the president of the union “Kikinda”, Nikola Vojnović.
Municipal Mayor Pavle Markov explained that this collective agreement will regulate the relations of local self-government towards the communal enterprise, but also towards the citizens themselves.

“A particular benefit is that a very positive social dialogue has been established between the employer, local government and trade unions. It provides safety for workers and protects their rights regulated by law, but also the safety of local self-government that workers will work harder protecting the interests of the citizens”, Markov said.
The chairman of the provincial board of trade unions in housing and communal services, Žika Živadinović, pointed out that this is a great day for communal workers.

“The idea is to support colleagues of utilities and to congratulate the new director of the public company on his strength practically on this day, an individual collective agreement has been signed for a new utility company, which is certainly something to be welcomed,” Živadinović pointed out, adding that trade union members have the rights but the obligations they have to fulfill, and all in aim of better functioning of a public company.
Živadinović said that the most important point of the contract is that the obligation of the founder over the past years of work is regulated, so that the past years of work are calculated for all years of service, regardless of the employer, which was previously a big problem.
Dejan Jeremić, the secretary of the Serbian Trade Union Committee of Trade Unions, agreed that this is a great day for employees in the utility sector.
“The collective agreement as a subordinate act is a big step forward in order to increase the rights of employees in all segments related to the Labor Law, so I welcome this initiative and the signing of a collective agreement,” Jeremić said.
President of the Council of the Union of Independent Trade Unions for the municipalities of Kikinda, Čoka and Novi Kneževac, Ilija Drljić, said that the contract is all that is stipulated by the collective agreement at the state level, collective awards, regress, a warm meal…
“The coefficient is the minimum wage and in that sense we can be satisfied. What is important is some sort of security, both in terms of management and the workers who are protected, which will give additional drive to better perform tasks, “said Drljić.