All failures on the water and sewage network in December were eliminate

During December 2015, Call Centre PE “Kikinda” recived 106 calls for interventions related to water supply failures and 51 problems related to the sewerage network.

The most repairs were done in the water shaft -46, and 25 water meters were replaced. In December, it was also intervened 19 times due to a fault in the connection, while for the same reason 8 terminals were replaced, 2 were canceled and a new one was created.

Because of the failure on the hydrant, the workers of the PE “Kikinda” went out on the field twice or three times due to problems on the main street water line.

Interventions on the sewerage network during December last year related mainly to the cleaning-15, the cleaning of septic tank-25 (17 for households and 8 for the economy users), and one for the cleaning of the sewerage.

All problems were successfully solved both on the water supply and sewerage network and regular washing of atmospheric and fecal sewerage networks in the entire municipality was done.