Funeral services


Death is reported verbally to the funeral service on the basis of a death certificate to determine the place, time, date and necessary burial services. Death is reported no later than 6 hours from the moment of death, and if the death occurred during the night, until 10am the following day.

Upon the verbal notification to the Funeral Service the enterprise based on the certificate of death, determines time, date and place of burial and other necessary services related to burial.  A contract with a family member, a relative, a person who has submitted the funeral application or a person who bears the costs of burial is concluded.

Based on the price list of funeral services, the amount of the fee for leasing, reservation and maintenance of the burial site is determined, mandatory rest period and deadline for lease, reservation fee for the burial site, mutual rights and obligations after the expiration of the rest period, manner and conditions for exhumation and transfer of mortal remains.

Maintenance of leased and reserved funeral sites is the owner’s obligation. The remains must rest in a grave for at least 10 years from the day of burial.

Another burying at the same site can only take place after the expiration of the mandatory resting period of 10 years.

The deceased cannot be moved for the purpose of transferring the remains unless mandatory one year from the date of burial has expired.

Exhumation and tomb cleaning cannot be carried out in the period from 1.5. until 30.9. due to high temperatures.

After the legal deadline for the obligatory rest and lease term, customers have the right to extend the period for the following 10 years. A burial place for which the rest period has not been extended, the funeral service has the right to dig over.