Most interventions on water meters

During September, the workers of PE “Kikinda” had a total of 547 interventions, most of which were related to (380) to the planned replacement of water meters in households. In the same period, 167 calls came through to the Call Centre, and most of it was directed to the elimination of failures in the area of water supply.
There were 48 interventions in the water manholes, there were 44 repairs on the connection, and in addition to the planned replacement of the water meter (380), another 29 of these meters were changed in the households.
Due to the replacement of the connection due to failure and works on the main street water line, 9 intervetions were needed. There were 2 faults on the hydrant, and the same number of connections was canceled. Three new connections were made and 1 water meter was moved, while one was replaced because it froze. Also, in September one customer was disconnected from the water supply network and re-enabled again.
Emergency interventions of PE “Kikinda”, due to works on the sewerage network, had 15 field  interventions, 6 of them for the desiccation of sewerage network, 7 for cleaning septic tanks (5 in the economy, 2 for households) and 2 for cleaning of the atmospheric sewerage network. The Craft Department replaced 1 lid on the manhole and the rack of the rain canal.
In September, regular washing of atmospheric and fecal sewerage network was carried out.