Problem of congestion solved in Sava Tekelija Street

Considering the fact that in the part of the street of Sava Tekelija there was blockage of sewerage network, the workers of PE “Kikinda” have solved the problem today.

The blocking of sewage appeared from number 47 to 51. Because of this, the workers of PE “Kikinda” intervened in the section where the problem was by a special sewage sinking vehicle, whereby the operation of the sewerage network was normalized. And in this, as in most cases, the cause of congestion is the removal of non-degradable materials like wet wipes.

PE “Kikinda” once again appeals to consumers to be careful of what they are throwing into the sewage system.

Although weather conditions did not work to our favour as it was snowy eyelid, the sewage system cleaning is completed regardless of the weather conditions.