Workers of the PE “Kikinda” reacted quickly and changed the damaged cover on the shaft

Employees of the PE “Kikinda” have on Tuesday, the 5th of January, visited the field because of the cracked lid on the shaft located at the intersection of Nemanjina Street and Đoke Radak. The lid was cracked and a larger part of it fell into a sewage shaft, so the new one was placed.

No one was hurt, and the workers of PE “Kikinda” pulled out the lid that burst from the sewer from the sewage shaft today, as well as the large number of plastic bottles that citizens throw into the sewers.

Therefore, we appeal to consumers again that waste thrown into the sewage can cause clogging and damage to the fecal net, and that they should not throw in solid and viscous non-degradable materials such as wet wipes or plastic bottles.